Session is a modern range that works for office, education and leisure for collaboration with an aesthetically pleasing design for meetings with friends and work colleagues.

With plenty of options of roof styles, power and lighting the Session is a very stylish and modern pod.

Our entry level soft seating range Stream, is as easy on the eye as it is on your budget strings. With benches, sofa’s and high back options all working together in unison, this great range enables you to configure it to meet the demands of every project. Also available in 2, 4 and 6 booths to give you some informal breakout meeting space and is available with Chrome or wooden leg as standard and option to add power and connectivity.

Contour, designed by 2020 Furniture design is a comfortable range consisting of an armchair, two and three seater sofa.

The units are made with webbed chunky soft foam to the seat and back. as standard the Contour range is available in metal legs with an option of timber underframe which is very pleasing to the eye in any breakout area.

With its chunky, heavily filled deep design Lincs lets you bring comfort into your office, leisure or education environment. Available with or without backs and arms Lincs allows you to configure it to create enticing, lounging breakout spaces that users will keep coming back to.

Taking its name from one of the most iconic pieces of architecture in London, our Shard range has been created with the same modern look to the arms and side profile. The deep seat and back has been built allowing the seat and back to draw you in to maximize comfortability.

The outside back and under-seat can be made up from either laminate or upholstery. The solid timber arms can be completely solid or with upholstery and stained to match other existing furniture. The Shard range is available in a low back chair, high back chair with table to match. We also offer with the range the contemporary 4 seater booth.

Named after the squares of Savannah, the Savannah range has a striking design created with a soft feel and look, making it a very comfortable product. Showing a high level of craftsmanship in our sewing detail in the Savannah square flutes represent the quality that 2020 Furniture design has to offer.
The Savannah collection offers a Left and Right unit that can link together to form a sofa and corner unit it also has a left and right unit with a table for a lamp and USB/AC connection.
Suitable area for the Savannah would be corporate office receptions, executive meeting areas, hospitality environments and universities.

Featuring a dynamic, fresh design Mintay is the perfect range for the modern learning and workplace environment. The modular sofa range is available with a low, medium and high back all with its unique ‘U’ shaped arm creating great flexibility. If you want to create a little privacy Mintay is also available with a side option, roof option and in booth form, with the option for A/C or USB ports, making it perfect for breakout, workspace, meeting and presentation areas.

If you are looking for a Sanctuary away from traditional desking to focus, collaborate or breakout then look no further. Perfect for the modern working environment its sides and a roof to give you privacy from the surrounding environment. Sanctuary can be used individually or alongside a joining wall to create a meeting booth and is available with the option of A/C and USB ports.


Our Saloon range of wing back armchairs and sofas combine contemporary styling with a traditional feel. Available in mid back, for a more relaxed feel and high back, for added privacy. Saloon is perfect for reception areas, breakout, dining or lounge space and is available with the option of A/C and USB ports.

Whether you are looking to create some landscape seating, a meeting booth, acoustic screens, a breakout seating area or a statement flowing piece then N-Ally does it all.Available in both curved and straight formats, with low, mid and high backs and with a laminated or upholstered finish with the option of A/C and USB ports.


The Ally modular system provides areas for relaxion, individual working, breakout space, informal meeting areas and social space.

Providing a relaxed aesthetic Ally is extremely flexible allowing you to configure and re-configure to meet the demands of changing environments.

Whether you are looking to create a some landscape seating, a meeting booth, acoustic screens, a breakout seating area or a statement flowing piece then Ally does it all.

Available in both curved and straight formats,
with low, mid and high backs and with a laminated or upholstered finish with the option of A/C and USB ports.

Flower is an extremely comfortable, delicately curved soft seating range making it perfect for breakout areas, reception and student accommodation.

The range is available as an armchair, 2 seater sofa and stool with or without castors offering great flexibility. It is also available as a tablet arm chair which is perfect for collaborative working environments and the education market.

With a chunky seat making Hazzy extremely comfortable this modular sofa range is great for reception, breakout and lounge areas. Available with or without arms you can configure Hazzy as a continuous sofa, as an L or U shape or to meet your individual requirements.

Hazzy is also available with a matching table and the options of A/C or USB ports.

Circa is a range full of curves, heights and colours. Using 3 standard shapes the DNA inspired design enables you to intertwine the pieces to create your own breakout, creative or tiered seating area.

The name says it all with this Tetris style range of blocks giving you almost endless possibilities to create the space you desire.

The units are chunky, extremely comfortable and come in heights from 300mm to 1200mm and in square, rectangles and L-shape pieces with the option of wraparound screens and media units. This enables you to design modular sofas, corner units, tiered seating, presentation space and a whole lot more.

Plaza is as a pleasing on the eye as it is to sit on. The stadium style seating range is great for the education market providing a contemporary, upholstered solution for lecture theatres, seminars and presentations. It’s curved, soft seating style also lends itself perfectly to the commercial environment offering breakout meeting, presentation and social space.

Available in 2 and 3 tier heights and both straight and curved units Plaza enables you to configure the arrangement to suit your needs. Available with locking castors and storage options make it both flexible and multipurpose.

Focused on providing a multipurpose tiered seating solution Henge is superb at creating auditorium style presentation space as well as meeting and social areas.

Perfect for the Education market Henge offers a bright, laminated finish with ample storage space and seat pads for comfort. Available in 2 and 3 tiers and in both straight and corner units Henge allows you to create the presentation space to suit any project.

If you are looking for high usage seating or dining areas then look no further than Ripple. With a strong structure and high laminated screens it is designed to withstand even the most demanding of education and commercial environments. A padded seat and ‘Ripple’ back make this range both comfortable as well as practical and sturdy.

Whether you are looking to create back to back seating booths, perimeter dining areas or a sweeping S formation then Ripple can be configured to meet the demands of your project.

This range enables you to create the space that meets your individual requirements through an easy to use modular system. Whether it is a circular booth, a presentation space, a breakout area, a sweeping S-shaped seating plan or a combination of all of these then Conference gives you it all.

With a comfortable wire bench seat and optional padded back Conference can be used with poseur height tables, or additional seating to the rear to maximise the available space.

Available in both curved and straight units, with low, mid and high backs with the option of A/C and USB ports.

Looking for a simpler shaped stool then pick n mix is for you. It comprises a circle, square and hexagon shapes available as a stool and as a table. These are great for providing flexible seating alongside tables or other seating areas.