Noise is unwanted or unpleasant sound that can be disruptive to hearing or concentration. Noise is simply sound that we do not want or like. In the work place, noise can reduce productivity and negatively affect mood. It is logical and sensible to work on reducing noise pollution in the workplace to combat the effects of noise. More information on ‘noise at work’ can be found on the health and safety executive website at

What is an acoustic screen?

Dividers that can be free standing or desk mounted to reduce visual and acoustic interference between spaces

How do they work?

Two main benefits:

  1. Stop sound travelling to other spaces which could interfere with other people or processes.
  2. Stop sound reflecting back into a space through absorption to create a quieter, more peaceful space.

In essence they reduce distractions between spaces so that people can concentrate on tasks without the apparent risk of reduced productivity incurred by noise pollution. This is more important now as offices move towards more open spaces and away from traditional cubic workstations.

Sound bounces more off of harder surfaces than soft ones. It is not unusual for places that require low sound interference to use acoustic screens on walls and ceilings. That said, the closer that an acoustic is placed to the noise, the more efficiently it will absorb it. The same principle is also true with regards to the thickness and softness of the material used to make the acoustic screens.

Where are they used?

2020 Furniture Design specialise in acoustic screens that are desk mounted which can be used in work spaces or offices, free standing to create private spaces and mobile screens which can be moved as required.

Free standing screens/ dividers

2020 Furniture Design create partitions that can be used to section off a smaller area within a larger noisier one to create a more private space for meetings or focused work. The location of these spaces can therefore be changed as the user requires as opposed to the screen being attached to the furniture. The design and specifications of these screens can often be changed to fit the environment and décor of any space.

Mobile screens/ dividers

For those areas where noise pollution needs reducing on a more varied basis, 2020 Office Furniture offer a mobile version of their acoustic screens which can be moved as required. This is useful for creating quieter areas of a varied size and location within a large space

Desk mounted screens

2020 Furniture Design produce acoustic screens for those areas where several work spaces need to exist using stylish, contemporary designs with efficient products.

There are some distinct advantages of having desk mounted acoustic screens as well as the obvious noise reducing qualities:

  • Security- in this age of GDPR dividers help to protect sensitive information on computer screens and on desks
  • Increased work space- using tool rails or accessories that hang over the screens further increase the useful space that is available to users
  • Ergonomics- to add to the points above it is even possible to mount an ‘arm’ to the dividing screen on which a monitor can be fixed which not only further increases desk space but allows the user to alter the monitor height to ensure good posture.

If you would like more information about acoustic screens, their uses and practicality and how 2020 Furniture Design can help your business then get in touch with us via our contact page, email us at or call us on 01480700050.