This week we are focusing on one of our flagship products: Session meeting pod

The modern working environment has changed significantly. A couple of decades ago it would be normal to see rows of desks in offices with little or no personality and the inclusion of desk screens served to separate staff and keep them apart as much as they might dampen noise to allow for focus and concentration.

With the divide between home comfort and corporate environment becoming more and more blurred, offices are trending towards a more open, social structure whilst providing space for tasks that would require a more defined space. This is where the Session meeting pod presents itself as the solution.

Whether the space required is for small group meeting space, breakout spaces, or to get that report completed before the end of the day, Session offers a seating and work space that can be enclosed on 2,3 or even 4 sides (with a door of course) with an option for a roof to be fitted to further reduce noise pollution. The advantage to this range of wall and roof options means that within a larger environment, Session can provide a simple area of seating or a fully enclosed ‘room’ within the room. Further options are available to customise lighting and power modules too.

2020 Furniture Design offer Session as one of their readily available ranges. These meeting pods can be supplied in a variety of finishes, fabrics and colours to provide an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture that is adaptable for the office, education, leisure or retail market.

If you would like more information on our Session meeting pod range of seating, then head over to the seating section of our website.